Greenland in “Chapter 37”

Chapter 37

There are also other islands in the Ocean of which Greenland is not the smallest. Greenland lies further out in the Ocean opposite the Swedish or the RipŠan Mountains. It is said that one can sail to this island — as to Iceland — in 5 to 7 days. Because of the saltwater the people there are green, which has given the place its name. Their lifestyle is like that of the Icelanders, except that they are more cruel and dangerous for seafarers because of their piracy raids. It is said that Christianity recently has reached even them.

Source: Adam of Bremen, "[Greenland in] Chapter 37" in Beskrivelse af °erne i Nordern [Description of the Islands in the North], (Copenhagen: Wormianum, 1978), 61. Notes: Original Latin text and Danish translation, with commentaries by Allan A. Lund English translation by B. Wallace Original tile: Descriptio insularum Aquilonis. Written c. 1075

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