St. Lawrence Iroquois in “Of Savages, 1603”

[…] All these peoples are well proportioned in body, without any deformity; they are agile, and the women are well shapen, filled out and plump, of a swarthy colour on account of the profusion of a certain pigment with which they rub themselves, and which gives them an olive hue. They are clad in skins, one part of their bodies is covered, and the other part uncovered. But in winter they provide for the whole body;// for they are clad with good furs, such as the skins of moose, otter, beavers, bears, seals, stags, and deer, which they have in abundance. […]

Source: Samuel de Champlain, "[St. Lawrence Iroquois in] Of Savages, 1603" in The Works of Samuel de Champlain, vol. 1, H.P. Biggar (Toronto: The Champlain Society, 1922), 118-119.

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