Leif Eriksson in "The Saga of the Foster Brothers"

Chapter 20

Late in the fall they went to Greenland. The ship landed in Eriksfjord. Thorkell Leifsson was then chieftain over Eriksfjord. Thorkel was a great chieftain, rich, and liked by man. He was a great friend of King Olaf the Holy. Thorkell went eagerly to the ship as soon as he heard that it it had landed and bargained with the skippers and crew for what he needed to have. Skufur let it be known to Thorkell that King Olaf’s envoy Thormodur was on board and said that the king had sent Thormod to him for help and support if he needed more of it. These words of Skufur’s made Thormod invited to Brattahlid.

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