Egil’s Saga, Ship Quotes


Thorolf […]sailed north[…] in a longship with a crew of sixty[…].They put into harbour, set up their awnings and made themselves comfortable[…]


The dragon-ship Thorolf had built was floating near the shore in full rig with its awnings up.


Thorolf had a big, ocean-going ship[…] It was richly painted, above the sea-line, the rigging was of the highest quality, and it had a blue-and-red striped sail. Thorolf […]manned it with his household servants.


[…] big longship there with the awnings up[…]


[…] Kveldulf told his men to make their way along the gunwale and cut through the pegs holding the awnings.


[...] lay there at anchor till the wind eased and the weather improved. They waited for high tide, then moved the ship into an estuary there, called Gufa Rivet, nowadays, hauled it up-stream as far as they could, and unloaded the cargo[…]


[…]they unloaded the ship and moved the cargo up to the home-meadow at Borg, where they pitched their tents. The ship was hauled over to the stream.


[…]with the ship anchored not far from the farmstead, its awnings up.


Besides a fast-sailing vessel, fully manned, he had a good many smaller ones, skiffs and ferries captained by farmers.

Source: Hermann Pálsson and Paul Edwards, trans., "Egil\'s Saga" (Markham, Ontario: Penguin, 1976), 35-136.

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