Mark Robinson, Daily journal, July 10-15, 1917

Tuesday, 10

Morning wet and cool Mr Shannon Fraser came to house about 9:15 am and reported that Martin Bleacher had found Tom Thompsons Canoe floating upside down in Canoe Lake and wanted us to drag for Mr Thompsons body.

We went to Canoe Lake and interviewed Miss Bleacher who was with her Brother on sunday in his little motor Boat. Going to Tea Lake dam they Passed a Canoe floating upside down between Stattons Point and the Bertram Island They didn’t stop to examine the Canoe as they had heard there was a canoe had drifted away from its moorings and had not been found but they intended to pick up the same as they returned. They passed canoe at 35 pm on Sunday the 8th after hearing different evidence we returned expecting to hear of Mr. Thom son returning soon

Wednesday 11

We three Rangers along with Martin Bleache searched the shore of Lake and various Portages with out result


Thursday 12

Morning wet. Mr Thompson a brother of Tom Thompson arrived here to day I took him around the Lake and we met several people and interviewed them

Albert Patterson went to Huntsvill to search into matters there


Rain fell most of afternoon.

Friday 13

Morning wet. We returned to to Canoe Myself and son Jack Robinson searched Bertrams Island and the western shore of Canoe Lake also the Portage to Gaunther lakes to which we carried our canoe after searching the Gaunther Lakes we went north up the Gilmore Road for about Half a mile where we turned west for about a mile then north to a Large Beaver Pond which we went around and traveled south to Gills Creek where we turned west to Gills Lake at Gill’s Lake we found Mr. Colsons Canoe or Canvas Boat. found no traces of any person having been there for some time We returned to Canoe Lake having called on Mr. Fraser and Mr. Thompson We also called on Mr. Lowrie Dixon and fire Ranger MacDonald then returned home and met evening train.

Saturday 14

Morning fine Ranger Patterson returned this morning having visited Huntsvile getting no information of importance regarding Tom Thompson. I was feeling very tired and remained at Home all day meeting trains etc

Ranger Patterson returned to Moose Lake.

Mr. Thompson Left for his home this morning.

Sunday, 15

Morning wet. I went and patrolled east and north shore of Canoe Lake in search for Tom Thompson found no trace of him and I returned home.

Source: Trent University Archives, Addison family fonds, 97-011, Mark Robinson, "Daily journal, July 10-15, 1917," July 10, 1917 — July 15, 1917. Notes: Reproduced with kind permission of Bill and Edward Addison, and Trent University Archives

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