Dr. James MacCallum, Letter regarding Mr. Fraser’s bill, Nov. 13, 1917

Mr. T. J. Harkness,
Annan, Ont.

Dear Mr. Harkness,

I have waited to reply to your letter until I should hear from Mr. Fraser. I wrote him about three weeks ago and today this letter has just come. I think he has done considerable thinking and come to the conclusion that this is the easiest way out. As you will perhaps notice, $17.50 which he asked of me in the first instance does not correspond with what he asked from you. [...]

Truly yours,
James MacCallum

Source: Library and Archives Canada/Bibliotheque et Archives Canada, MG30 D284 'Tom Thomson collection', Vol. 1 File 6, Dr. James MacCallum, Letter to T. J. Harkness, November 13, 1917

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