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[ Dead Horse and Rider in a Trench ]

Title: Dead Horse and Rider in a Trench

Creator: Maurice Cullen

Archive or Repository: Canadian War Museum

Collection or Fond: Beaverbrook Collection of War Art

Reference Number: 19710261-0126

Notes: Cullen places the casualties of war in a torn landscape divided by barbed wire. The narrow selection of colours and rough brushwork help create a sense of claustrophobia, nervousness, and sadness. Cullen's grim scene evokes the horrible images that front line soldiers often encountered. During the First World War, much of the army depended on horses to haul most goods (from food to weapons), and to provide quick mobility for messengers. In the midst of war, there was less time to bury dead animals than even the overwhelming numbers of human corpses. Note the colour bars laid underneath the image when it was photographed. These colour bars help enable printers to correctly reproduce the colours in the image.