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[ Attaque au gaz, li?vin ]

Titre: Attaque au gaz, li?vin

Créateur: A. Y. Jackson

Archives ou dépôt: Canadian War Museum

Collection or Fond: Beaverbrook Collection of War Art

Numéro de référence: 19710261-0179

Notes: Jackson comments, ""I went . . . one night to see a gas attack we made on the German lines. It was like a wonderful display of fireworks, with our clouds of gas and the German flares and rockets of all colours." His exuberance does not seem matched by the colours in the painting, with its dull browns and blacks broken by small flashes of colour on the horizon. These colours evoke the broken landscape, and the painting suggests how any sign of life on the front line of battle - even grass and trees - had been destroyed over months of fighting. Note the colour bars laid underneath the image when it was photographed. These colour bars help enable printers to correctly reproduce the colours in the image.