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[ L?alligator, parc Algonquin ]

Titre: L?alligator, parc Algonquin

Créateur: Tom Thomson

Archives ou dépôt: Macdonald Stewart Art Centre

Collection or Fond: University of Guelph Collection

Numéro de référence: MSAC UG989.096

Notes: "The Alligator" was a unique type of boat that worked in the Park. It was powered by side-mounted steamwheels and was used to haul logs. The name derives from the fact that the vessel also had a winch, which when connected to a sturdy tree, could be used to draw the vessel over land. This painting, oil on book-binder's board, is a gift of Stewart and Letty Bennett, donated by the Ontario Heritage Foundation to the University of Guelph, 1988.