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[ Gilmour jackladder, with work crew ]

Title: Gilmour jackladder, with work crew

Creator: Unknown

Archive or Repository: Algonquin Park Archives

Reference Number: APMA 1097

Notes: Gilmour & Company constructed a system of slides and jackladders. After floating logs through Joe and Canoe Lakes, and down the Oxtongue River to the Lake of Bays, the jackladders and slides allowed the lumber company to move logs over hills separating the Lake of Bays from Raven Lake, and Raven Lake from St. Nora Lake. From St. Nora Lake, the logs could be floated to Trenton, on Lake Ontario, where Gilmour and Co. operated mills. On the jackladder, logs would be pulled uphill on 'slide', then slid down the other side.