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[ Remplissage de la tombe ]

Titre: Remplissage de la tombe

Créateur: Unknown [Dr. Harry Ebbs?]

Archives ou dépôt: Algonquin Park Archives

Numéro de référence: APMA 6739

Notes: Left to right: Leonard Gibson, William Little, Frank Braucht, Jack Eastaugh. APM records identify this photo as "Excavating the grave." The dispersion of soil, and the presence of an unknown photographer (Dr. Harry Ebbs?) suggests this photo documents the temporary refilling of the grave site. In his 1970 book, [[italic]]The Tom Thomson Mystery[[/]], William Little does not provide the exact date his group dug at the Mowat cemetery site. His narrative of the events, along with reports in the [[italic]]Globe and Mail[[/]] and [[italic]]Toronto Star[[/]], place the likely date of the dig as Sunday, September 30.