Alex Y. Jackson, Letter to Dr. James MacCallum, Mar. 5, 1914

Mowat Ont., Mar 5th 1914

Dear Doctor


The country up here is glorious. heaps of stuff to paint. if the conditions would let you work. The first two weeks there was plenty of sunlight, but cold. 20 below zero was a nice mild day. and since March roared in the sun has never been more than a dim blur in the sky.. [...]

I hope to start some canvases as soon as the weather clears. I have ten pieces. and I'll stay here until they are done.

The way it ought to be. Heming up in the Barren Lands. Thomson West Ungava. Macdonald Georgian Bay Islands. Beatty Rocky Mountains. Harris those God forsaken Laurentian Hills. I'll look after the Labrador Coast and Williamson can keep house so Bohemian that no one will need to ask where the Studio Building is. then would we have a Canadian School for sure.


Very sincerely,
Alex Y. Jackson

Source: Library and Archives, National Gallery of Canada, Dr. James M. MacCallum papers, Alex Y. Jackson, Letter to Dr. James MacCallum, March 5, 1914. Notes: Courtesy of the Estate of the late Dr. Naomi Jackson

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