A.Y. Jackson, Letter to Kate, Apr. 18, 1915

Emileville Que. Apr 18th. 15

My dear K


So your salary has been redooced. no more salted peanuts for you eh. Well you are lucky to be allowed to work at all. I’m lazy and yet I feel like tearing in and turning a mountain into a hole. feel too restless to paint. guess the best thing for me is to be a sojer… seeing as I'm – neither a French Canadian, a Methodist or a woman. Things seem to be going along well but we are bound to get some jolts before the gents with the heads of solid wood find it out. I wish we could send all our politicians to the front. They make this country look like a bad smell.


Heaps of love to all.
Ever your affectionate brother

Source: Library and Archives Canada/Bibliotheque et Archives Canada, MG30 D351 'Naomi Jackson Groves fond', Vol. 94, A.Y. Jackson, Letter to Kate, April 18, 1915. Notes: Courtesy of the Estate of the late Dr. Naomi Jackson

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