A.Y. Jackson, Letter to the Kids, Aug. 24, 1914

Lucerne B.C. Aug 29th 14.

Dear Kids,

Just packing up to leave the rocks for their winter rest. […]

I want to get down to Toronto. and then go north for October for the flaming maples. I have about eighty sketches. but the C.P.R. will be on the blink financially. This war isn’t going to improve things much. I think wars will go out of fashion when its over. also kings and emperors. but its going to cost this generation dear. Who likes the Germans? no one on God’s earth wants to be under them. and if they do win, they can’t hold what they grab. There will be a million less of them by the time they get to Paris, and if they do the fight will be only started.. So Bill has gone with his regiment. I hope they go to England first and get into good shape. a colonial isn’t as useful in Europe as he is in the bush. and the Germs are well drilled. if they are bone heads. So long as we have a big navy we can keep them living on starved dogs and they can’t get at us.

Great place for the summer here, no hot days to bother one. just pleasant. and cool at nights.

Be good.

Source: Library and Archives Canada/Bibliotheque et Archives Canada, MG30 D351 'Naomi Jackson Groves fond', Container 94, File 19, A.Y. Jackson, Letter to the Kids, August 29, 1914. Notes: Courtesy of the Estate of the late Dr. Naomi Jackson

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