J. S. Fraser, Letter to T. J. Harkness, Sept. 8, 1917


Dear Sir

I have been a way or i would of answer your letter long a go you will find the bills i paid george rowe and lowery Dickson i got a letter from Mr flavelle and he wants me to pay that money right a way i thought he was paid because you said in your letter he would have it in a few days Please let me know if you are going to send it so i will know what to do hope yous are all well it leaves us all fine.

Yours truly
J. S. Fraser

P.S. You will find in close $500 to make up the balance for the canoes i will send his blanket down right a way

Source: Library and Archives Canada/Bibliotheque et Archives Canada, MG30 D284 ‘Tom Thomson collection’, Vol. 1 File 5, J. S. Fraser, Letter to T. J. Harkness, September 8, 1917

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