T. J. Harkness, Letter to J. S. Fraser, Sept. 12, 1917


Dear Sir:

Your letter received tonight with five dollars enclosed being the balances on two canoes you claim due the Estate of the late Tom Thomson Also the letter from Flavelle about his account I had to go to Toronto to look after some affairs of the Estate and get the balance due the estate at the bank. I was then ready to pay Flavelle’s account but was waiting to hear from you in answer to my letter of Aug. 9th.

Now Mr. Fraser there are some things I don’t understand. In your letter to me Aug. 7th you claimed to have paid Mr. Rowe $500 and Dickson $350 for finding Toms body. Tonight you send receipt from Rowe for $500 and from Dickson $1000. Then Dr. MacCallum told you to send the account for finding Tom to him which you did and he paid you. We do not understand this. Why should you send any account to anyone out of the family and why did you not let me know that you collected from Dr. MacCallum. You told Geo Thomson that you owed Tom a small amount but you have not given me any information about it. Now Mr. Fraser the Estate demands a full account of everything.

Surely Tom had some personal property. Had he no trunk or grip or clothes except what you showed Geo Thomson and how do you account for Tom only having .60 cts when found. I know what he drew from the bank when he was away, and he was guiding a few weeks and no doubt was paid for it and where do you suppose his money went to.

I tell you frankly Mr. Fraser I am suspicious that you are not dealing square and I hope you will be able to give a satisfactory explanation of everything.

Another question I would like to ask did you pay Tom for the canoes he bought for you and when.

Now I am ready to pay Mr. Flavelle’s account just as soon as you can give me a satisfactory explanation of everything.

I am waiting your reply.

T.J. Harkness


I think I told you before that the family appointed me to look after Tom’s estate and I want a full list of all his belongings.

Source: Library and Archives Canada/Bibliotheque et Archives Canada, MG30 D284 'Tom Thomson collection', Vol. 1 File 5, T. J. Harkness, Letter to J. S. Fraser, September 12, 1917

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