Copy of Dr. G.W. Howland’s affidavit of July 17, 1917


Canoe Lake
July 17-17.

Dr. G. W. Howland qualified medical practitioner of Toronto, Ont., Sworn, Said:

I saw body of man floating in Canoe Lake Monday, July 16th, at about 10 A. M. and notified Mr. George Rowe a resident who removed body to shore. On 17th Tuesday, I examined boyd and found it to be that of a man aged about 40 years in advanced stage of decomposition, face abdomen and limbs swollen, blisters on limbs, was a bruise on right temple size of 4” long, no other sign of external marks visible on body, air issuing from mouth, some bleeding from right ear, cause of death drowning.

(Sgd.) Gordon W. Howland,
M. R. N.A.C.P.

[See also T.E. McKee, Letter to Blodwen Davies, June 5, 1931.]

Source: Library and Archives Canada/Bibliotheque et Archives Canada, MG30 D38 'Blodwen Davies fond', Vol. 11, Copy of Dr. G. W. Howland's affidavit , July 17, 1917. Notes: Originals withdrawn from circulation. Copies available on microfilm C-4579

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