Ed Godin, Letter to Blodwen Davies, Nov. 17, 1930

Achray Nov 17/30

[ Ranger's cabin, Achray, Grand Lake, Algonquin Park ]

Ranger's cabin, Achray, Grand Lake, Algonquin Park, Edward Godin, Algonquin Park Archives, APMA 1132, Tom Thomson painted the "Out-Side-In" sign for Edward Godin's cabin at Achray, on Algonquin Park's Grand Lake. Thomson shared the cabin with Godin during the summer of 1916

Miss Blodwen Davies


I cannot tell you a great detail of everything that happened during the summer of 1916 but of course a few incidents I remember.

Tom Tomson came to my cabin at Achray on or about the first of June having been stationed here as fire Ranger There being only one fire here that summer he had plenty of time to make sketches and he did make quite a few The Jack Pine I think was sketched here I think but the West Wind was done at [Kiosk?] in the Western End of the Park if I am correct of course I cannot state this as an absolute fact. in August we went on a Canoe Trip down the South Branch of the Petawawa and up the North branch to Lake Treverse. on that trip Tom sketched what they call the Copes on south Branch. we also did a lot of fishing.

Tom was a very fine fellow. Easy to get along with and always in good humor. He was very fond of fishing and spent quite a lot of time at this sport. He was a very good swimmer.


Sincerely yours
Ed Godin

Source: Library and Archives Canada/Bibliotheque et Archives Canada, MG30 D38 'Blodwen Davies fonds', Vol. 11, Ed Godin, Letter to Blodwen Davies, November 17, 1930. Notes: Original document withdrawn from circulation. Copy available on microfilm C-4579

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