Execution Effects

[Jno. Morley to Colonial Secretary]

September 6, 1869 My Record: 318


NOTES: I have the honour to inform you that an Indian of Chemainus named Kath-a-lock, the father of Tom, who was lately executed at Victoria has made an application to me for certain property, namely a box containing some clothing, and four blankets, etc. [...] lately the property of the said Tom which he states is now in the possession of a man named Thomas, a settler at Chemainus.

I told the Indian that by reason of Tom, having been executed as a felon, the property was forfeited to the Crown but that I [would] write to you for instruction and if the property was given up to Tom's relatives I would let him know. I cannot learn at present by what authority the man Thomas is in possession of the articles.

[Colonial Secretary to Jno. Morley]

October 18th, 1869

Sir, I have the honor to ack. The receipt of your letter of the 6th Sepr relative to certain property belonging to an Indian "Tom" lately executed at Victoria & I am instructed to inform you that the property in question may be given over to Tom's relatives.

I have etc.

[signed P.J. Hankin]

Source: BCA, Colonial Correspondence & Colonial Secretary Corr. Out, J.P. Morley Files 1169-1190 & C/AB/30.1J/8A, Jno. Morley, Execution Effects, September 6, 1869

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