Crease Rejects Complaints Re: Robinson's Land

William Robinson deceased

Attorney General's Office
12 March 1869

I have enquired into the matter of the Administration of the Estate of William Robinson deceased, of Salt Spring Island in connection with the annexed complaint made by Messrs. Booth and Jones of maladministration by Mr. John Morley J.P. the Administrator appointed by the Supreme Court.

So far as I can ascertain the complaint is entirely without foundation.

Mr. Morley has been duly appointed by the Court and in all he has done acted under the orders of the Court to whom alone (and not to Messrs Booth and Jones) the Administrator is responsible.

I sent for Mr. Morley and examined him also on the subject and enclose his report.

I also compared his statements with the documents submitted (under oath) to the Court and find that substantially they agree.

The improvements on the pre empted land which is reported to me to be of little value were sold to Mr Lester the highest bidder. There was not enough assets to pay for bringing up an Auctioneer.

The reply (suggested) to Messrs Booth and Jones is -- That after due enquiry the Law Officer reports that the Estate has been administered under the Orders of The Court in due form of law.

Henry P. Pellew Crease
A.G.O. 12 Mar 1869

Source: BCA, Colonial Correspondence, F168-1, GR1372, H.P.P. Crease, Crease Rejects Complaint Re: Robinson's Land, March 12, 1869

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