Letter to Colonial Secretary Re: Robinson's Land

Salt Spring Island Jan 2 1869

The Hon. Colonial Sec.


In the matter concerning the estate of William Robinson deceased, we the undersigned beg leave most respectfully to make the following statement:

The farm left by Mr. Robinson is one of the most valuable pieces of property on this island, being the only place where the mail steamer can call on this part of the island. Aside from this the land itself is well worth four or five hundred dollars to any one wishing to obtain a farm. There was also other property consisting of money, grain, etc which must have been worth from one hundred to one hundred and fifty dollars more as Robinson only owed one or two small debts at the time of his death, he having settled all his liabilities with the intention of leaving for a few months, and the funeral expenses could not have been much not over ten or twelve dollars. Part of the personal property was disposed of by the executor privately, he having refused to offer it at public auction, the balance the executor claims to have purchased, but at what price we cannot obtain any information.

The executor also claims to have purchased the farm, although we have reason to believe that Mr. Robinson's heirs have never been consulted about the property, it has never been offered at public sale, nor has it been advertised, the executor even refusing any information to parties who have inquired of him in what manner the property was to be disposed of, as they were anxious to purchase it if it was to be sold.

As we can obtain no satisfactory information concerning the estate, and an uneasy feeling having been created in the is community in consequence, we have taken the liberty of adressing you for information on the subject.

And we have the honor to remain your most obedient, humble servants,

J.P. Booth
John C. Jones

Referred to Attorney General for report
25 Jan/69

Report delayed to make full enquiries.
Made & [annexed?] hereto with Mr. Morley's report.

H.P.P. Crease
A.G.O. 12 Mar 1869

Source: BCA, Colonial Correspondence, F168-1, GR1372, J.P. Booth and John C. Jones, "Letter to Colonial Secretary Re: Robinson's Land," January 2, 1869

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