The Salt Spring Island Murder

July 3, 1869

The Salt Spring Island Murder: Tschunahusset, the Chemanus Indian, convicted for murder at the last assizes, and condemned to suffer death at the scene of his crime, has been taken up the coast for execution. On Thursday, Hon. D.B. Ring, the Counsel of the condemned man, accompanied by W.S.S. Green, Esq, Solicitor, waited on the Chief Justice and submitted the statement of several Chemanus Indians, which went to establish an alibi on behalf of the prisoner.

The Chief Justice listened attentively to the statements, and said that he regretted that the statements were not made at the time of the trial. Mr. Ring explained the difficulty of procuring Indian testimony at the proper time, and the Chief Justice said he would take care that the statements should be laid before the Administrator of Government.

Source: "The Salt Spring Island Murder," The British Colonist, July 3, 1869

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