Punishment with the Lash / Police Court

Victoria Gazette
August 12, 1858

PUNISHMENT WITH THE LASH.- [...] Public executions and the whipping-post are however inevitable, and to our view even necessary, concomitants of the earlier stages of a community's existence, especially where, as on this Island, a large proportion of the misdoers are Indians, who view the punishment in question with terror, not only from the pain involved, but singularly enough, from a species of degradation which even in their debased condition they connect with it.

POLICE COURT.- The only cases before this Court yesterday were those of two Indians, one of whom was sentenced to forty-eight hours imprisonment for beating his wife. The Court also ordered that a pistol heavily loaded, found on his person at the time of the assault, should be forfeited, the carrying of weapons being in contravention of law. The other was a more aggravated case, the culprit having at night broken into the tent of a Mr. Forbes, and attempted to steal. The owner being awakened by his entrance, seized him and after a desperate struggle, during which the rascal drew and endeavored to use a knife, tied him with ropes until the arrival of an officer. Mr. Forbes having his family with him at the time, no little disturbance was caused by the unexpected appearance and violent conduct of the intruder. — It was ordered that he receive twenty-four lashes, to be inflicted by the Sheriff in the yard of the Fort.

Source: "Punishment with the Lash" and "Police Court", Victoria Gazette, August 12, 1858

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