A Mystery

The British Colonist
August 15, 1867

The body of the colored man found in the quarry-cabin on Salt Spring Island, a few days ago, bears marks of violence. He was apparently shot to death by some unknown person. The body was found concealed under the flooring, with about six inches of earth shovelled upon it. A person visiting the cabin detected a strong stench, and upon raising a board in the floor saw the body. An inquest will be held by Mr. Morley, J.P. The man's name is unknown, but he is believed to have been engaged with another colored man in stealing hogs lately, and is thought to have been surprised while carrying the carcasses off and shot dead by the owner. Some days before the discovery of the body an attempt was made to burn the cabin by (the Indians say) an unknown white man, who was accompanied by a black dog. The flames were discovered in time to prevent the total destruction of the cabin. Perhaps the incendiary was the murderer who thought by firing the building to effectually hide his crime.

Source: "A Mystery," British Colonist, August 15, 1867

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