The Indians Could Afford to Laugh at Any Force

British Colonist
13 March 1869

Were the Fleet withdrawn, portions of our coast would be rendered “uninhabitable.” The Indians could afford to laugh at any force the Local Government might send against them, and from many of the outlying districts we should have settlers deserting their farms and stock to seek shelter in the more thickly settled communities from the depredations of the redskins. Even with the present efficient Naval force on this station, has anyone forgotten the series of shocking murders and outrages which have lately occurred on the East Coast of the Island? Were the number of war-vessel stations reduced, the number of outrages would become perfectly appalling. We hope that the strictest inquiry will be made at once into the circumstances attendant upon this last tragedy, and that should it appear that the savages have murdered the passengers and crew, a punishment commensurate with their crime will be visited upon them. [...]

Source: The Indians Could Afford to Laugh at Any Force, British Colonist, March 13, 1869

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