Settlement of Unsurveyed Lands

Victoria Gazette
July 28, 1859

A party of seventeen farmers yesterday left Victoria for the purpose of settling on certain unsurveyed public lands, in Chemainos District, more fully described below. The balance of the party will follow them in a few days. Another party for a different part of the same district is organizing, and will probably start in a few days.

Land Office, Victoria, July 26, 1859

To John Copland, Esq.

Sir:- I acknowledge to have received from you the names of twenty-nine persons, a list of whom is hereto annexed, for whom you are agent, and who apply through you for permission to settle on the unsurveyed lands of Tuan or Salt Spring Island, their reason being want of funds to settle on surveyed lands elsewhere, in which cases an immediate instalment is required. The permission asked for I am empowered to give, and am further to state distinctly, that after the survey of lands in question shall have been made, a pre-emptive right in those of the number stated who shall have effected the most improvement in the way of fencing, building and cultivation on any government section, shall be recognized, and that the sections shall be laid out continuously with and as portions of the same network which extends over the adjoining country at Cowichan. I am further empowered to delay the survey of that portion of Tuan Island on which these persons shall settle until the expiration of ___ year from this date, or until requested at an earlier period, to survey and issue titles by the majority of the holders at the future time alluded to.

I have, &c. &c.
Joseph D. Pemberton,
Colonial Surveyor

Source: "Settlement of Unsurveyed Lands," Victoria Gazette, July 28, 1859

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