Particulars of a Horrible Murder

Daily British Colonist,
December 21, 1868

Particulars of the last horrible murder on the East coast have come to hand. The deceased was named Giles Curtis, and his partner (Howard Estes), was absent at the church when the foul deed was committed. Upon his return to the cabin, he found his gun standing outside the cabin, and on entering saw Curtis weltering in his blood, which had flowed from a gunshot wound in his temple, and from a horrible gash in his throat, made with a butchers's knife, which lay all bloody on the table. The perpetrators are believed to have been Indians, who must have been alarmed at some noise and fled before they had time to plunder the premises. An inquest, held by Mr. Morley, J P, resulted in the return of a verdict of death from wounds inflicted by some party or parties unknown. Deceased was a young man of the highest respectability, and had settled down on the Island for the purpose of farming.

Source: Particulars of a Horrible Murder, Daily British Colonist, December 21, 1868

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