Municipal Police Court

(Before H.C. Courtney, Esq., P.M.)

Friday 23rd November

The examination into the charge against Willy Selcalcher or Ahalt , an Indian for murdering Giles Curtis on Salt Spring Island on the 13th of December, 1868, was resumed.

A Squaw, called by the prosecution, testified that at the time of the murder she was living with the brother of the accused (since dead,) that while in the canoe with her man and the accused, one day, the two men left the canoe opposite Curtis' farm, and went ashore; presently she heard the report of a gun and the two men soon afterwards came down to the canoe with a quantity of goods. Her man afterwards told her that the prisoner shot Curtis (who was sitting at a table in his cabin, reading;) that the shot did not kill the man, and that the accused then cut his throat.

The prisoner was fully committed for trial.

Source: Municipal Police Court, British Colonist, November 24, 1877

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