The Last Murder on Salt Spring Island

British Colonist
January 4, 1869

We are told that certain suspicious circumstances are supposed to indicate that the brutal murder of Mr. Curtis was the deed of a white man, and that the guncase smelling strongly of fish, found near the scene, was placed there to induce the belief that Indians were the perpetrators. We have heard of no steps being taken by the authorites to track this crime to its author or authors. There may have been a step taken, but we have not heard of it. Is it not incumbent upon the honourable gentleman who represents the district in the Council to ask whether any effort has been made, and if not, why not? When horrid tragedies are being enacted so near to our homes in such rapid succession, it is no time for indolence on the part of the Government. We ask, on behalf of the public, for information.

Source: "The Last Murder on Salt Spring Island," British Colonist, January 4, 1869

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