Salt Spring Island Settlers Sign Memorial

December 25, 1868

The Settlers on Salt Spring Island have signed a memorial to His Excellency in which, after referring to the recent murder of Mr. Curtis, and prior assassinations in the neighbourhood, they pray for the appointment of a resident Justice of the Peace to take cognizance of offences as they may arise, and bring the culprits to punishment. They add that, unless adequate protection be supplied, they will be compelled either to emigrate, or to organize a Vigilance Committee and inflict swift punishment upon evildoers. We have frequently directed attention to the frequent occurrence of murders and outrage on Salt Spring Island and its vicinity; but, so far as we can learn, little exertion has been used to bring the perpetrators to justice or to adopt measures against their recurrence. We hope, now that the state of things has been brought directly to the notice of the Executive by the sufferers themselves, an effort will be made to purge the East coast of assassins and robbers, and render the fairest portion of this beautiful Island habitable, which it really is not now.

Source: Salt Spring Island Settlers Sign Memorial, The British Colonist, December 25, 1868

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