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Willy, Witnesses, and Other Accused in Jail

Victoria Police Charge Book

Nov. 21 1877
Willy Selcalcher an Ahalt [Halalt] Indian charged with having on the 13th day of December 1868 unlawfully, maliciously and feloniously kill one Giles Curtis, at Salt Spring Island in the Province of British Columbia by shooting him the said Giles Curtis and cutting his throat contrary to the [form?] of statute in such case made and provided.
Court House and Jail, Bastion Square, 186[?]

Remanded until 22nd @ 11 oclock [p. 99]

November 21, 12:30 pm
Ellen and Mary, Indian women detained as necessary witnesses in the case of Willie of Chemainus.

Solomon, A Cowichan detained as necessary witness in the case of Willie of Chemainus. [p. 353]

November 23
Willy Selcalcher committed to [illegible] his trial @ the present assizes. The court ordered $2.50 to be paid to D. Art Ogilvy for services as interpreter. Paid him $2.50 see receipt. [p. 101]

May 20th 1878
Sealth, a Comox woman arrested by Constable Crane of Salt Spring Island with being an accessory to the murder of Giles Curtis at Salt Spring Island 13, December 1868. Remanded to the 29th when discharged.

Source: Victoria Police Archives, Charge Book 1877-08-08 to 1878-11-12, and Gaol Charge Books, October 1876-April 1878, , Unknown, Willy, Witnesses, and Other Accused in Jail, 1876-1878.

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