Statement of the Accused

Cowichan, Wednesday the seventh day of April one thousand eight hundred and sixty nine

Statement of the Accused

Tom, the Indian having been duly Cautioned saith,

I don't know what the witness Dick wants to say, perhaps he wants to see me kill'd.

I have been sick two years. I went to New Westminster and got fire sick and could not go about. Mr Franklin knew me to be a good Indian and made me a Constable.

Taken before me at Cowichan
the day and the date before named

Jno Morley

Referred to the Colonial Secretary for perusal. Return Requested.

Would it not be well to make a specific effort to get the dead man's
gun or coat and trace some special article which can be
produced in court into the prisoner's possession after the

HPPC [Henry P.P. Crease]
16 Apr 69

Give power to Mr. Pemberton to act as he shall see fit but
this does not appear to be a case requiring a man of war.
Indeed she would do more harm than good.

[initials illegible]
17 April 1869
Col. Sec.

The Hon'ble
A.F. Pemberton

Referred to Mr. Pemberton
for his information and guidance.

(To be returned)

Returned Accordingly
A.F. Pemberton
[24?] Apr

Source: BCA, Attorney General Documents, GR 419, Jno. Morley J.P., Statement of the Accused, April 7, 1869, 1

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