Sworn Testimony of John Norton

Colony of British Columbia

TO WIT } THE INFORMATION AND COMPLAINT of John Norton, of Salt Spring Island, taken this Second day of April, 1869, before the undersigned, one of Her Majesty's Justices of the Peace in and for the said District of Cowichan, who saith that

About a week since some strange Indians were fishing near my house, one of them told me he knew who it was that killed William Robinson of Salt Spring Island. He said that is was Chemainus Indian named Tom that shot him and that an Indian of Plumpers Pass was with him, and the gun taken out of Robinsons house was in a box at the Chemainus Ranch. I did not know the Indian that told me, but I know the Indian from Plumpers Pass, and I believe I also know the murderer. The Indian told me that the Indian boy that was with Tom, when he committed the murder would tell all about it if he was asked.

(Signed) John Norton

SWORN before me the day and year first above mentioned, at Cowichan
British Columbia,

Jn Morley

Cowichan, Wednesday the Seventh day of April
one thousand eight hundred and sixty nine

John Norton, being sworn upon his oath saith,

I have heard my information read and it is true, I went with Sampson the Constable to arrest Tom, the Indian. I help'd to search the house, I saw an auger there which I believed to be Robinson's. We brought the auger away and put it into the Canoe. It was dark when we got to Salt Spring Island and then we could not find it. It must have been thrown overboard.

Jn Norton

Taken and sworn before me at Cowichan the day and the date before named.

Jn Morley

Source: BCARS, Attorney General Documents, GR-419, Box 8, John Morley, Sworn Testimony of John Norton, April 2, 1869

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