Letter to Hon. Mr. Smithe, B.C. Premier

April 28, 1885
Vesuvius Bay, Salt Spring Island


I am somewhat diffident as to whether it may not be beyond my province to address you on a particular subject, still as being an interested party both from my official position and as a settler here, I venture to do so.

The subject that I allude to is the appointment of Mr. W. Anderson as Constable which is considered by many people here as decidedly hazardous and more likely to lead to breaches of the peace that serve the cause of order.

Personally, I am by no means prejudiced with regard to colour but I do think that to set a coloured man to preserve order and make arrests amongst a large number of whites is very risky and likely to lead to serious results.

This feeling is shared by others here and I was informed today that the men threaten not to allow a colored man to arrest any of their number. This doubtless to a certain extent may be bombast but not unlikely to be fulfilled should the men be in liquor at the time.

I remain, your obedient servant,
A Walter.

I wish this communication to be considered strictly private.

Source: BCA, B.C. Premier's Office, Correspondence Inwards, GR-0441, File 3, Box 1, Arthur Walter, Letter to Hon. Mr. Smithe, B.C. Premier, April 28, 1885

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