Joseph Pemberton to John Copland

John Copland Esq.
Vancouver Island Colony
Land office, Victoria
July 26, 1859


I acknowledge to have received from you the names of 29 persons, list of whom is hereto annexed for whom you are agent and who apply through you for permission to settle on the unsurveyed land of Tuan or Salt Spring Island , their reason being want of funds to settle on surveyed lands elsewhere in which cases an immediate instalment is required, the Permission asked for I am empowered to give and am further to state distinctly that after the survey of the lands in question shall have been made, pre-emptive rights in those of the number stated who shall have effected most improvements in the way of Buildings, fencing or cultivation on any government section shall be recognized, and that the section shall be laid out continuously with and as portion of the same network which extends over the adjoining Country at Cowichan. I am further empowered to delay the survey of that portion of Tuan Island on which these persons shall settle for [left blank] years or until requested at an earlier period to survey and issue titles by the majority of the holders at the future time alluded to . Provided that as soon as the lands are surveyed immediate payment at the rate and on the terms that shall then exist or immediate forfeiture of the same and improvements shall ensue. Provided further that none of these persons shall occupy or allow other person to occupy lands in any way improved, fenced or cultivated or at any time occupied by Indians, which likewise would entail forfeiture similar to that above stated. Provided lastly that Government will have the right to resume any portion of these Lnas required strictly for a government purpose such as Dockyard, lighthouse, Church schoool, fail to paying to the occupiers the actual value of improvements affected therein.

Joseph Pemberton

List of Setttler for whom certificates are wanted
James Stephens
Edward Mallandaine
Thomas Henry Lineker
Edward Henry Lineker
William Isaacs
George Richardson
P.I. Adams
F.P. Gerry
Jonathan Begg
Joseph Frontin
Sam'l Francis Stephens
George Copland
Fielding Spott
William K Brown
George Richardson
Armstead Buckner
E.A. Booth
James Chambers
James R Gascoigne
George Kirkop
R.P. Dombraine
Charles Renwalls
Thomas W Herron
Daniel McLean
James Tenny
John Tompkins
Edward Walker
James B Peterson
E. Hammone King

[To John Copland]

Aug 19, 1859

Dear Sir,

In reply to your letter to me of the dates 30 August last. I beg to inform you that as there are still remaining unoccupied tracts of good land on Salt Spring Island, advantages similar to those mentioned in my letter to you of the 26 July last will be extended to the list of persons (32) in number, whose names are hereto attached.

I have the honor to be
Joseph Pemberton

List of additonal settlers for Salt Spring Island (August 30, 1859)

James Barborn
John Carly
Wm Robson
Jas Clark
Barth Foley
Jas Dudley
J.D. Cusheon
Charles Elder
John Reid
Adam Turnball
I.J Hollins
Robert Turnbull
Charles E. Perrine
Samuel Thorpe
George Welch
William Senior
Robert Leach
Henry Elliott
Edward Clark
John Cameron
William K Neele
Hugh Campbell
Nelson McGee
Joseph Clearihue
William Hollins
I.W. Hollins
James Hogg
Richard Morgan
Arthur Bruster
Horace Smith
A.H. Manson

December 8, 1859
To John Copland Esq.


I had the honour to receive from you on the 21st Nov, last- a list of 56 additional applicants for land at Salt Spring Island. The application is granted on the terms mentioned to you in my letter of the 26th July liable to those two additional conditions that when occupation shall cease all title to the land shall also cease and 2nd that no person shall be empoweard to sell the land provision to a licence on that behalf.

I have the,
Joseph Pemberton

List of additional applicants for land on Salt Spring Island

Thomas Rabson
James H Calahan
Henry Plummer
James Johnston
Gideon Halcrow
William Allen
William Merrit
James Roberts
James Duncan
John Cox
Robert Dinkall
John Calquhoun
John H. Neal
Thomas Johnson
John Couglan
William Evans
James McWilliams
Peter Carohue
John Reid
Edward Sumard [Surward?]
John Copland
William Ring
James Henderson
George Richardson
Frederick Ring [Reuf?]
Robert Hinton
Charles Charnwell [Chumwell?]
Henry Moore
Henry Rfleurgier
Horace Moore
John Walker
John Owen
John Robert Hinton
Robert Polack
Nicholas Bailey
Thomas N Innis
Charles M. Chambers
A.J. Main
Chs Fayall
John Thomas
Henry Doogood
John Jones
Wm F Clarke
D. Green
W Rothwell
James Paston
John J Moore
John Hinton

James Shaw
George Mills
Thomas Waldron
Clark McVittie
George Mills
Richard Roe
Thomas Osborne
J.O. Hana
Edward Pierce

Dec 19, 1859
Wm D Patterson
John J Usher
Joseph Stevens
Jas Shepphard
Jas Shaw
Rd Roe
Peter Burns
Philip Buckley
Francis Sehl
Henry Pluger
Jno Cochrane

Source: BCA, Joseph Pemberton to John Copland, Correspondence Outward of the Land and Works Dept., CAA30.7J1, Joseph Pemberton, "Letter to John Copland," July 26, 1859

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