Letter from Helen Redpath to Amy Redpath, 26 June 1901

Chateau D’Oex
26: June 1901

My dearest Amy

[…]It is terrible to me to think of what you are suffering losing those two to whom your whole life has been a devotion, & how I wish I could do anything to comfort & help you dear! All the old memories come crowding back upon me, — such happy memories of Aunt Ada & Clifford and all they have been to us […]One feels one might only to be thankful that dear Aunt Ada is at rest after so many years of pain, & my dear old Clifford – how happy we know he is now. He was just like none else to Lucy and me, more of a brother than a cousin. It made me so happy to be with him – just to look at his face was enough I think I feel so thankful to have known him so well and seen so much of him to have had such happy times with him especially those Sunday evenings not to be forgotten. I thought so much of him last Sunday – the Communion of Saints! How much it should mean to those left behind. It will be a comfort to you to think how much you have been able to be to your mother and how happy you have made Clifford’s life for none ever had a more devoted daughter & sister than they had[…]

Ever your very loving cousin
Helen Redpath

Source: Helen Redpath, Letter from Helen Redpath to Amy Redpath, 26 June 1901, June 26, 1901

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