Once in Back of Head and Second Time in Right Shoulder

Matricide Was Crazed by Epileptic Fit—He Died Without Regaining Consciousness

Special Dispatch to The Herald:

MONTREAL, June 14.—Investigation by the coroner’s jury to-day put a new light on the Redpath tragedy of yesterday. The evidence showed that Mrs. Redpath had been shot twice, once in the back of the head and then a second time in the right shoulder, while the bullet had entered young Redpath’s head to the right of the left temple. The jury brought in a verdict that the young man had killed his mother in a fit of temporary insanity, brought on by an epileptic fit, and then taken his own life. The first story given out by the family that the shooting had probably been done by the mother was due to the fact that the young man was still alive.

Young Redpath died to-day without regaining consciousness.

Source: Unknown, "Young Redpath Shot His Mother," The Halifax Morning Herald, June 15, 1901. Notes: PG, 1

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