In Futile Effort to Prevent His Mother from Killing Herself, Young Man Is Desperately Wounded.

MONTREAL, June 13.—Mrs. J. J. Redpath, one of Montreal’s society leaders, lies dead in her handsome residence on Sherbrooke Street, and her son, Clifford Redpath, is lying unconscious in Royal Victoria Hospital with a bullet in his head.

About 6 o’clock the household was startled by the noise of two revolver shots from Mrs. Redpath’s room. On rushing in the servants were astounded to find Mrs. Redpath and her son lying on the floor, both unconscious. Physicians were summoned, but Mrs. Redpath died in a few minutes. Her son was removed to the hospital in a dying condition.

Mrs. Redpath had been ill for some time, suffering greatly from insomnia. The surmise is that while temporarily deranged Mrs. Redpath attempted to end her life, and in attempting to prevent her the son was shot.

Source: Unknown, "Tragedy In Montreal," The New York Times, June 14, 1901. Notes: PG, 1

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