SHERBROOKE STREET.—Mr. Joseph Mackay has erected to his residence, “Kildonan Hall,” a conservatory, circular in form with four transepts, with curved roof and dome, all of glass, supported with iron columns, floor of encaustic tiles. The forcing house and propagating house open from the conservatory. John James Browne, architect.

John James Redpath—A handsome villa erected corner of Redpath and Sherbrooke streets, of cut stone, two-storeys in height, with basement and mansard roof. The portico to entrance is very effective, having four Corinthian columns, pilasters and cornice, with cantilevers, slate roof; balcony to second storey, with ornamental iron railing. The interior is planned with every comfort and convenience. John James Browne, architect.

REDPATH STREET.—Mr. Morrice has just purchased the villa on this street, similar in design to the one on Sherbrooke street by Mr. Joseph Mackay, from the designs, and under the superintendence of John James Browne, architect. It has extensive outbuildings, handsome entrance gates, and railings.

Source: Unknown, "New Buildings in 1870," The Montreal Herald, November 29, 1870. Notes: PG, 1

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