Dr. Rollo Campbell — Obituary


It was with deep regret that the news was received this morning of the death, from typhoid fever,of Dr. Rollo Campbell, son of Dr. F.W. Campbell, dean of the Medical Faculty of Bishop’s College.

Although for the past three weeks the late Dr. Campbell had been seriously ill with typhoid fever at the Western Hospital, strong hopes were entertained for his ultimate recovery. The utmost attention was given to his case by doctors and nurses, but in spite of all that trained skill could do he gradually sank, passing away last evening.

The late Dr. Campbell was a man of about forty years of age. He graduated in the year 1886 from Bishop’s College with honours and studied later on in Edinburgh. Since he began practice in Montreal he has been known as a conscientious, hard-working physician, devoted to his profession, and ever ready to do a kindness to those in need of his services. He was especially interested in surgery.

From the time of his graduation Dr. Campbell was on the teaching staff of Bishop’s College, and was for many years on the consulting staff of the Montreal Dispensary. He was one of the assistant surgeons of the Western Hospital, in which institution he was much interested. He was also an examiner for the New York Life Insurance Company.

The late Dr. Campbell was a member of St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church. He took an interest in military matters, was surgeon of the 5th Royal Scots, in which regiment he was very popular, and was ex-president of the Bishop’s Medical College Graduates’ Society.

The deepest sympathy is felt with the widow and two children, by whom Dr. Campbell is survived, as well as with the other members of his family, especially his father, Dr. F. W. Campbell, who is in poor health, and now almost prostrated by the death of his beloved son.

Speaking of him to-day, a fellow-graduate of Bishop’s College said:

“He was a fine fellow. I think I can safely say that I never heard anyone speak ill of him. He was kind and thoughtful, and devoted himself to his work. In fact, I fear that he worked too hard on account of that conscientiousness which would not allow of his neglecting any seeming duty. He will be greatly missed not only by his fellow professors but by all who knew him, and respected him.”

Source: Unknown, "Dr. Rollo Campbell — Obituary," The Montreal Daily Star, May 31, 1904. Notes: PG, 1

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