Last Will and Testament of Amy Redpath Roddick

Amy Redpath Roddick
Twentieth of January
Nineteen hundred & twenty five

On this day, the twentieth of January, nineteen hundred and twenty five, I, Amy Redpath, wife of the late Sir Thomas George Roddick deceased, of the City of Montreal in the Province of Quebec and Dominion of Canada, being of sound and disposing mind and memory, do hereby make this my last will and testament in holograph form, revoking and cancelling all former wills of every description by me made.

I desire that my just debts, funeral and testamentary expenses be paid by my executors, hereinafter named, as soon as possible after my death.

I desire to be buried in Mount Royal Cemetery in my husband’s grave between the graves of my two brothers Peter Whiteford Redpath and Jocelyn Clifford Redpath.

I bequeath to Margaret Shallow, widow of the late John Coleman deceased, now residing with me, during her natural life an annuity or yearly sum of six hundred dollars payable from the date of my death in equal monthly installments.

I bequeath to Mary Rose Shallow, spinster, now residing with me, during her natural life an annuity or yearly sum of twelve hundred dollars, payable from the date of my death in equal monthly instalments. I also leave to the said M.R. Shallow my wearing apparel.

I give and bequeath to McGill University the sum of one hundred and twenty thousand dollars the principal to be paid to the said University and the income therefrom to be used for the annual purchase of books for the Redpath Library. I desire to have attached to each of these books a copy of the book plate which I am in the habit of having attached to all books given by me to the said library. I would like the said sum of one hundred and twenty thousand dollars to be called the Peter Whiteford Redpath and the Jocelyn Clifford Redpath Fund for the purchase of books.

I will anddirect that all succession duties which may be payable by my Estate shall be paid out of the Capital thereof & that the same shall not be a charge upon any of the individual beneficiaries.

My Executors shall not be obliged to make any more formal or detailed inventory than may be expedient in the opinion of my Executors for the purpose of opening proper accounts for the administration of my Estate.

After provision for the gifts above referred to and such addional [additional] gifts as I may later make in a codicil or codicils to this my last will and testament I will that my Executors, hereinafter named pay the net annual income & revenue of the residue of my Estate at convenient periods to my nephews James Botterell Redpath, Huntly Roddick Redpath, John Watson Redpath, Peter Harold Redpath, Hugh Angus Redpath and to my niece, Elizabeth Grace Redpath, wife of Granttan D. Thompson, & to the survivor & survivors of them in equal shares during their respective lives. The issue of any deceased nephew or niece shall receive the share in the said net revenues to which his or her deceased parents would have been entitled, if living.

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