Letter from Peter Whiteford Redpath to Jocelyn Clifford Redpath, 23 March 1901

Enclosed find cheques
23 March 1901

Dear Cliff,

I was glad to have news of you the day before yesterday; and to learn something of the estate. I suppose it was just as well to pay off that special tax (under protest) though it was rather an outrageous assessment. I hope to hear soon of some definite offer for the site of May & Co. What do you think the land is worth pr. foot & how many feet are there for sale?

Re investments I am rather in favour of spreading the capital as much as possible. I don’t think much of the R & D but it may be safer than it was. The larger American Rails wd. be my choice for small investments, for ex. Santa Fe (wh. has risen from 62 to 90 in 2 years & will probably reach 100) N.Y. Central, Pensilvania (sic) Ry., etc. All these are very conservative investments.

If Regy remains in P.C. as I hope he will, it will probably be necessary to find him some more capital for the purchase of land. He has received practically nothing for 3 yrs. & is entitled, I think to at least $3000. The land about his place has been so fenced in by small holders & the railway, that he can make little use of his present place. I think he ought to secure a second pasture some distance, say 6 or 8 miles from the creek where he could winter his stock. Otherwise he will gradually have to go out of business, & farm out his stock to be fed by the small farmers & then his occupation will be gone. He was very uncertain as to his best plan when I left him – but said he wd. write & keep me posted.

What about the Mingan Seigneury? When will the B of M. demand its due. Do you think there are sufficient funds at the Company’s disposal to pay interest on the $30,000 loan. I confess I am a little anxious in regard to this loan. At present we seem to have cash enough in sight.

Have you begun to work for your finals? I had counted on being home early in May, but now I see that that will be unwise & I may not be able to return till middle of June. My present condition is more satisfactory than the Dr hoped for, but even at the best it will [end of extant document]

Source: Peter Whiteford Redpath, Letter from Peter Whiteford Redpath to Jocelyn Clifford Redpath, 23 March 1901, March 23, 1901

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