Letter from Peter Whiteford Redpath to Jocelyn Clifford Redpath, 23 April 1901

April 23rd 1901

Dear Cliff,

Drop me a line soon & let me know when your final examinations come off, and when you will take holidays this summer. Also how you are.

That was a good joke played on Montreal lawyers on 1st April: your firm was fortunate in overlooking the letter.

Just had a letter from Regy who writes from the old shack Pincher Creek, and seems in a good frame of mind for settling down.

President McKinley arrives here on the 8th prox. & will be royally received by the people of Redlands, who have been much stirred up for some time at the prospect of his visit.

Re. the Albert Bldgs; it strikes me that it might be well to suggest to the J. Redpath Estate that they purchase our share in the now standing portion of the above block, if a fair sum is realized on the sale of the land occupied by the burned buildings. Say that insurance award is $40,000, for sale of site $60,000 (seems small estimate) = $100,000. cash on hand after sale. Of this the J. Redpath Estate will claim about $69,000. Our share in whole original Block was estimated at $75,000 deduct from this our share of the destroyed portion = $41,000 & we have $34,000, which wd. pay us for our share (or buy out our interest) in Bldgs now standing.

By the way, when is the insurance award to be paid & have you considered the reinvest. of this sum wh. will amount to about $16,000.

Also has anything been done towards sale of Albert Bldg site or Mingan property?

Hope to hear that you are well.

Love to Mama and Amy.


Source: Peter Whiteford Redpath, Letter from Peter Whiteford Redpath to Jocelyn Clifford Redpath, 23 April 1901, April 23, 1901

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