Letter from Jocelyn Clifford Redpath to Peter Redpath, 12 March 1901



March 12, 1901

My dear Peter:

I received a letter from you today enclosing the Portland dividend cheque. You must have had a very bad time of it. I hope the trouble is one that will completely disappear & leave no traces. California will, I am sure, be a pleasant change & you ought to see as much of the county as you can.

The special assessments of Albert buildings & the Mills’ estate building on St James Street have been paid under protest, It was useless to delay any longer as the City threatened to take action immediately. There was no doubt as to our being found to pay this tax: the only thing contested was the amount, & there is some chance of this being reduced later, in which case we would be reimbursed. As this amount was subject to legal interest (6%), it was, I think, a good investment to pay it off. Our proportion plus accrued interest was $2200 & some odd dollars. I signed a cheque for this sum & M & H. endorsed it (under P/A from Mama) to the John Redpath estate who had paid the City. We have now in the J.J.R. account about $4500 left. I had thought of investing about $3,000. What do you think of R & O. & the Mont. Cotton Co. & the Can. Colored Cotton Co. as investments? The tax on the Mills property is about $450, & I think, Mama had better give a cheque for this for I believe there in enough revenue accrued from that estate still in the hands of the executer who could pay it direct. The B. of M. account was down to $176. & M. & H were putting in about $700 revenue from Mama’s property. There will be some $300 more this moth when Packard pays his rent. I enclose you three cheques for signature as the ones you signed are now used up.

Southam continue in the old premises at the old rent, no cheques being made.

The insurance Co. has awarded $37000 on the Albert Bldgs (the total amount insured for is ($40,000). This is for damage to everything but outside walls. It is very silly. We must wait until after frost is out to find out whether these walls have to come down entirely or can be set to rights by mending. Even if it is found that they are not a “total loss” $3000. would easily be eaten up in repairing them & it seems likely that we will get this, thus making up the total. Large “for sale” signs have been placed on both sides & we must wait for buyers.

I am afraid that my letters for you are all on business matters but I know that Amy keeps you regularly post(ed?) on matters up town. Lately I have had my stomach full at the office.

Your affectionate brother

J.C. Redpath.

Source: McGill University, Rare Books and Special Collections Division, MS 818 c.2 Redpath Family, File 2.23 Redpath Family Correspondence, Jocelyn Clifford Redpath, Jocelyn Clifford Redpath, Letter from Jocelyn Clifford Redpath to Peter Whiteford Redpath, 12 March 1901, March 12, 1901

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