Letter from Maud Redpath to Amy Redpath, 26 June 1901

Chateau d’Oex
June 26th – 1901

Dearest Amy,

[…]I keep thinking of your mother & how dear she was to me, going over happy memories of the welcome she always had for me, & the boundless kindness she showed me, & the charm & brightness & the warm generous heart that made everyone who knew her lover her. And dear, dear Clifford, whom I always envied you as a brother, & loved almost as if he had been one – Well I think we should all be thankful if we could leave behind us the memory of such a beautiful character. At first this seemed to make it all the more terrible – to think that such a thing should have been allowed to come upon one like him. But after all, if it had to be, what a comfort it is to know that his was a nature to which all violence was so absolutely foreign that we cannot really connect it with him even in our thoughts, & that we know this act to be a thing utterly apart & separate from his true self. I was so thankful too to hear that in both cases death came so soon, & with no return to consciousness, so that they never learned what had happened here – only then when we are told “there is no more sorrow”[…]

Ever your loving

Source: Maud Redpath, Letter from Maud Redpath to Amy Redpath, 26 June 1901, June 26, 1901

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