Dr. Henri A. Lafleur – Obituary

Dr. Henri A. Lafleur, of Montreal, whom the late Sir William Osler described as “the possessor of the finest medical mind of any man on the continent,” died on June 4th in his 77th year, after less than a week’s illness. He had suffered an attack of pneumonia last January, but was thought to have completely recovered from it, only to fall ill again, and to pass away in the Montreal General Hospital.

Dr. Lafleur for twenty-seven years was a member of the McGill University medical staff, and at the time of his death was Professor Emeritus of Medicine. He was also president of the Medical Council of Canada, of which he had been a member for nearly 20 years.

Born at Longueuil, the son of Rev. Theodore Lafleur, D.D., Henri Amedée was one of three sons each of whom distinguished himself in his chosen profession.[…] From his earliest days, Dr. Lafleur showed himself to be the possessor of a keen analytical mind, and had a distinguished academic career at Montreal High School, where he won the medal of his graduating class, and at McGill University where he won the gold medal in natural science and obtained his B.A. in 1882, receiving the degree of M.D., C.M., four years later.

He became associated with Sir William Osler, and went with him to Johns Hopkins Medical School, Baltimore, as its first resident physician, and there engaged in research work.[…] Three years later Dr. Lafleur returned to his Alma Mater and became assistant professor of medicine and clinical medicine[…] at McGill.[…]

In March, 1907, he married Olive Masson Grier, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Grier, of Montreal. Mrs. Lafleur survives him, as do three sons, Henri Grier, John Theodore and Arthur Paul, and two grandsons.

Source: Unknown, Dr. Henri A. Lafleur – Obituary, The Canadian Medical Association Journal 41 (July 31, 1939): 96

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