Royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal

ROYAL VICTORIA HOSPITAL, MONTREAL.—This new building, beautifully situated on the steep eastern slopes of Mount Royal, overlooks the city and the broad expense of St. Lawrence River, while the mountain rising ever more steeply in the rear forms a noble background. The institution owes its origin to the munificence of two distinguished Canadians, Lord Mount-Stephen and Sir Donald Smith, K.C.M.G., LL.D. Camb., who provided the whole of the money, one million dollars, thought necessary for the erection and endowment of the hospital. The part now erected comprises the medical, surgical, administrative, and nursing departments. A site for the institution was originally given by the Corporation of Montreal, but in consequence of objections made by the inhabitants as to hospital buildings being erected upon it, the adjoining plot of ground was purchased. The buildings have been designed and the working drawings prepared by Mr. H. Saxon Snell, F.R.I.B.A., London, after consultation with and receiving the final approval of many of the most eminent authorities in Montreal, including Drs. R. Craik, W. Gardiner, T.G. Roddick, G. Ross, and T. Shepherd.

[...]The two large projecting blocks on the south-west and north-east boundaries each contain three large wards for the accommodation of thirty-two patients in each. The north-east block is devoted to medical and the south-west block to surgical patients. Attached to each large ward are the nurses’ and medical officers’ rooms, the ward kitchen, and a separation ward for two beds. The bath-rooms and ward-offices are contained in the round towers at the ends of the wards, which are so placed as not to interfere appreciably with the outlook from the large end windows and the balconies provided for the use of the patients… In the rear of the back extension of the administrative buildings is a detached pathological block containing on the ground-floor the mortuary, mourners’ waiting room, staircase, and shell-store; and also an ice-house, macerating-room, cold mortuary, and lift in direct communication with the pathological theatre above.

Source: Unknown, "Royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal," The Builder (July 1, 1893): 18-19

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