Coroner’s Court

Province de Quebec
District of Montreal

Coroner’s Court


Ed McMahon

Inquest held in Montreal on fourteenth day of June, nineteen hundred & one, into the death of Clifford Jocelyn Redpath who died yesterday.

Sworn jurors,

John Dunds Jr.
H. Browning
Lansing Lewis
E.C.B Featherstonhaugh
George Hyde
Bartlett McLennan
Francis McLennan
John Walker
W. Morrice
John Savage
W.W. Watson
Charles Esdaile
Herbert Wallis

The Jurors hear
Peter Redpath

who declares that the deceased is his brother and that his name is Clifford Jocelyn Redpath.

The same hour as in the affair of Ada Maria Mills.


We the undersigned Jurors having heard the evidence declare: that Clifford Jocelyn Redpath died at Montreal on the thirteenth day of June nineteen hundred & one, from a gunshot wound inflicted by his own hand while suffering from temporary insanity caused by an epileptic attack from which he was suffering at the time: he being at the time unconscious of what he was doing:

Montreal 14 June 1901.

[signed jurors]

Witness [signed] Ed McMahon

Source: Ed McMahon, Coroner's Court — Jocelyn Clifford Redpath, June 14, 1901

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