Norman on the Suez Crisis and Israel

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Norman on "HMCS Magnificent" during the Suez Crisis, Unknown, 1957-01-19, University of British Columbia Library, Rare Books and Special Collections, BC2124-145, Canadian General E.L.M. Burns, commander of the United Nations Emergency Force (UNEF), Norman, Captain A.B. Fraser and an Egyptian officer on board the "HMCS Magnificent"

Canadian Embassy
6 Sharia Roustom Pasha
Kasr-el-Doubara P.O.
Garden City, Cairo

March 4, 1957

Rev. W.H.H. Norman,
Kwansei Gakuin University,
Nishinomiya City,

Dear Gwen and Howie,


I have just finished reading a little brochure by Paul Johnson “Suez War” — quite a journalistic feat produced so soon after events. He is one of the editors of “New Statesman and Nation” and I think you may have seen reviews of his book in that journal. If you are interested I will send it along. What I find particularly interesting, having been here through the whole crisis, is his analysis on what was going on in London and Paris. This whole episode will go down in history as one of the sorriest bits of tragic fiasco. None of the major protagonists has come out of it very well and the only ones who seem to have any temporary gain will in the future find that their rather unscrupulous and aggressive tactics will not, in the long run, have profited them much. It is amazing what a favourable press Israel enjoys through the West. While the whole subject is intensely complex and not one that can be described in black and white, when one examines the scene a little closer I can see why the Arab nations around Israel have good cause for worry and concern with this tough, intransigent and aggressive neighbour planted down in their midst.


love to both
as ever

Source: University of British Columbia Rare Books and Special Collections, Roger Bowen Collection, Box 1, File 1-12, E. Herbert Norman, Norman on the Suez Crisis, March 4, 1957

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