Three Leftist Parties Dominate Assembly After French Election


New York Times Special to The Glove and Mail. Copyright

Paris, Oct. 22 – The Communists, Socialists and the Catholic Popular Republican movement, running neck and neck, far ahead of all other parties, emerged clearly in almost complete election returns tonight as the political elements with which Gen. Charles de Gaulle must shape the Fourth French Republic in accordance with the mandate given him in the referendum.


After a last-minute landslide from country districts the Communists and Allied resistance groups became the strongest single party, with 152 seats in the Constituent Assembly. The Socialists with their resistance groups, and the Popular Republican movement (MRP) followed, each with 142 seats. The Radical-Socialists, who dominated French politics before the war, had only 25, Moderate and Right Wing groups 67, and Independents 18, undetermined 40.

The incomplete popular vote was 4,556,000 Communists; 4,488,000 Socialists; and 4,032,000 Popular Republican.


Source: Dana Adams Schmidt, "Three Leftist Parties Dominate Assembly After French Election," Globe and Mail, October 23, 1945

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